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CoolRun - Refreshing headband

With CoolRun, regulate your temperature for the effort ! 

Ideal to absorb perspiration, refresh you, reduce the risk of exposure, improve your performance...

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Maximize your performance with the CoolRun running headband !

With CoolRun headband, you lower your temperature and you absorb sweat to focus all your energy on the effort. 70% of the energy expended is used to regulate the body temperature. The CoolRun headband brings you the comfort essential to the best performance by bringing you up to 10C° within temperature felt.


A new fiber technology : the fibers of Cold Gel System running headband CoolRun regulates temperature by keeping the head cool well.

Long fresh-keeping : your headband stays fresh throughout the race (3h to 6h). 


Easy to use : before the race, wet the headband by passing it under water. The fibers Col Gel System swells in the water (up to 99% humidity). The longer you leave the headband in water, more gel loads of water, the longer the duration of use. Place the headband on your head (or around your neck, your wrist...). You instantly feel the freshness. 


Hand washable.


Available in several colors.

Couleur Orange

Headband : 100% polyester

Cold Gel System : Highly absorbent polymer and nonwoven cotton

One size : 96 x 4,5 cm

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